Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse

Imagine yourself two stepping across the dance floor, boots tappin’ a tune on the concrete as you twirl your partner among the beams, brick and reclaimed barn wood. The smell of smoky BBQ fills the air, sending your salivating taste buds in the direction of an ice cold beer.


If you’re a thrifter, antique geek or boutique freak, you gotta go to Sophie Joe’s. They have a little something for everyone and the fun is in the digging. The store is huge so be ready to spend some major time. The staff is incredibly helpful too. Prices range from peanuts to pounds depending on […]

Just For Me Spa

After a hard day at work, my favorite way to relax is with a hot tub and 60-minute heated Stone Therapy Massage at Just For Me Spa in Stillwater. Tangerine scented oil fills the room as strategically placed basalt stones melt away tension and transform your once scrunchy body into nothing but noodle-ness. You may […]

Soul-filled Stories

Fall is my most cherished season. Besides long walks in the cool crisp breeze and crunching leaves, one of my favorite fall frolics is a trip to the James J. Hill House for a reading of Victorian Ghost Stories ($9).

Currently in Love With Current

Picture this… It’s a sultry, sunny summer morning. You roll over in bed to hear your stomach grumble. Your mind wanders to the thought of cereal but gourmet Cheerios and Pop Tarts just won’t do! Next thing you know, you find yourself in the car, radio blasting, windows down, toodling along the highway to a […]

Reve Your Engines!

After Cruisin’ the Croix, drooling over vintage hot rods and classic cars, the Boy, the dog and I often take a leisurely stroll up Chestnut Street where the patio at Reve Bistro welcomes our “weary soles”.

So Long Joe!

Oh Joe! It’s tough to see you go. You had the best fries in the Twin Cities ($5)! Consistently crisp and perfectly salted, you didn’t even need your two accomplices, (basil aioli and chipotle sour cream) but we were sure glad you brought them along for a little sweet and heat.

Score One For Scoreboard

With so many choices on the menu, it’s hard to decide what to have for lunch at Scoreboard. One of my absolute favorites, especially when I’m in the mood for a little something Asian is the Lettuce Wraps ($8.50).