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Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse

Imagine yourself two stepping across the dance floor, boots tappin’ a tune on the concrete as you twirl your partner among the beams, brick and reclaimed barn wood. The smell of smoky BBQ fills the air, sending your salivating taste buds in the direction of an ice cold beer.

No worries, your oasis is only a side step away as you saunter over to one of two bars in the establishment to quench your thirst. This is what it’s like to be entertained at Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse.


Craig “Jethro” Lund and his two partners, Doug and Sienna Suiter are the owners of Big Guys BBQ and their goal is to show locals and new comers alike a good time with great music and fantastic southern-style BBQ.


Jethro has been slinging bbq out of the side of a food truck for many years, perfecting his recipes by mastering numerous BBQ competitions across the Midwest. Now, he’s taken things a step further by planting a restaurant close to his roots in Hudson, WI.

The menu has a variety of pork chops, ribs, beef and chicken. The beef is all grass fed and there are more plans on the way for Paleo patrons and organic lovers.

We ordered brisket, which was the size of your forearm, and pork chops. Both were moist and packed with flavor. But, you won’t find sauce on these babies, ohhh no. Jethro prefers ‘dry rub only’ when cookin’, no sauces on his grills. The saucin’ is up to you and there were 3 locally-made ones at our table – best described as mouthwatering mustard, sweet and sassy and spitfire smoky.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the sides. While there are a number to choose from, we gulped down macaroni and cheese (Not your traditional from-a-box mac and cheese – this one is homemade with a melty smoky gouda and topped with a cheesy crackery crumb) and ┬ásmoky coleslaw (a devilish mayo based smoked cabbage with blue cheese and bacon). Mmmmm mmm!

For dessert, made-from-scratch key lime pie. The delicious tartness of the key lime made us pucker, making it easy to kiss our waitress for the quick, friendly and attentive service.

On a hot summer day, you can sit in air conditioned comfort or soak up the sun on the picturesque patio, relaxing as you breathe in the seasoned air from the smokers out back. A plan for the Grand Opening is slated for Sept 2015. It’s the perfect place to stop after a day of leaf watching!

Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse is located at:
1237 WI-35, Hudson, WI 54016

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