Oh Solo Me-O. Pizza for One.

After carousing around in restaurants these past few days sampling food bursting with flavor, I was dreading piecing together the usual boring suspects housed within my refrigerator.

I had a taste for something unusual but didn’t want to get carried away pulling out recipe books, searching like a lost sailor for the perfect one to please my palate, only to spend my evening slinging pots and pans and slaving over a hot stove (not to mention the clean up).

Upon opening the refrigerator door, it was blazingly obvious that it was time to go to the grocery store. As I rummaged through the slim pickin’s blinking back at me from chilled shelves, I plucked the limited ingredients one by one, my tongue salivating at the potential flavor combinations; a basily bite from some pesto, zesty tomato sauce, creamy shredded mozzarella, salty scraps of proscuitto, green clusters of cilantro, a sweet, brightly-colored red pepper and the piéce de résistance, (drum roll please) garlic naan. Right before my eyes, these tasty solo acts were manifesting themselves into quick and easy weeknight pizza.

Far be it from me to deviate too much off the well-beaten, Italian sausage and mushroom path when it comes to pizza, but my frig contained neither sausage nor mushrooms and was virtually bare, so I really had little choice.

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As it turned out, the ingredients that came to the party were splendiferous together! Granted, this is not gourmet, made from scratch, or rocket science by any means but it sure made a super quick, scrumptious Tuesday night meal.

With garlic naan as the base, you really have the freedom to add anything you want to this recipe, making for a healthy weekday lunch (all you need is a toaster oven) or a fun addition to family game night.

Amy’s Proscuitto, Pepper and Cilantro Pizza

Ingredients $0.00 (1 Servings)

  • garlic naan 1 unit
  • pesto 1-2 tbsp
  • tomato sauce I love Prego 1 tbsp
  • red pepper slices julienned 2 units
  • proscuitto 1 oz
  • cilantro fresh 1/4 cup
  • mozzerella shredded 1/2 cup

Place one piece of naan on a piece of parchment paper on a pizza pan. Spread pesto evenly over the naan, leaving approx. a 1/4″ around the edges. Next spread the tomato sauce over the pesto, again leaving the 1/4″. Add the red pepper, proscuitto and cilantro. Top with mozzarella cheese. Bake for 10 minutes at 450 degrees until cheese is melted (oven times vary).

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