A Deliciously Juicy Find

While out carousing on one of my thrifting adventures, I happened upon a delicious find, a Juicy Couture Heritage Crest Scottie Satchel! Those of you who know me well, know that I have a passion for purses. It’s an addiction really and I’m sure if there was a group for purse-aholics anonymous, I’d be strongly encouraged to join.

I had no idea at the time if this bag was authentic and I didn’t care because I was in Love, Love LOVE! Not to mention the fact that it came at the bargain price of “only $9.99!”

My good friend and fellow thrifter Karen, taught me the basics on what to look for when stumbling across a possible authentic – made of fine fabric, sturdy stitching, solid handles and designer tags stitched in. (not stapled, tacked or glued). This one seemed all that.

It was in perfect condition, this short squatty black velour and leather handbag, embroidered with white Scottie dogs and the Juicy name on the front. On the back was a puffy leather heart with a “J” on it – which quite frankly should have been an “A” for “All mine!”

Inside, a gold cotton lining adorned by little black crowns and the words love and Juicy scrolled throughout. In addition, were two little gold pockets, one perfect for cramming my cellphone and the other for lipgloss. The cell phone pocket even greeted me with a pleasant Hello as I peered over the magnetic closure.

Upon further inspection and stamp of approval (like THAT was even needed), I shoved that bag into my cart and quickly ran as fast as my legs would carry me to the checkout counter for fear that I would change my mind. Unlike Kim Kardashian, I haven’t the closet space to store all my fabulous purses as if they were sculptures at a fine art museum. My storage space looks more like Edvard Munch’s painting of “The Scream”!

I left the store skipping with new find in hand. I couldn’t wait to get her home, fill her up and take her on a new adventure. As I raced home, my new bag riding shotgun, I reached over every so often, giving it an admirable pat, all while trying desperately not to pinch myself and wake up from this dream.

As I burst thru the threshold of our humble abode, bwacking excitedly – albeit noisily, like a frightened hen – to my husband (who had previously been contently tucked into the couch watching his favorite episode of CSI), I could barely contain my excitement.

I held my purse high in the air with both hands as imaginary beams shone down on the horizon of our fluffy brown carpet and I continued to talk of my amazing find like a teenager getting a “yes” to the prom, gasping for breath between sentences.

My husband, as usual, listened patiently and intently, more than likely trying to justify in his head why I needed “yet another purse”.

After making the assessment that I was not yet ready for the funny farm, he grabbed his tablet and did a search for my bag. That’s when he found this article, “How to spot a fake Juicy Couture handbag” on ebay.


As we skimmed the words of the article, we checked off each detail. With each “yep” grew excitement. It was like perching on the edge of your couch, wiping the sweat from your brow and waiting anxiously as the TV announcer read yet another number from the piece of paper clutched within your hands.

Were there zippered compartments? Nope. (a trait of an authentic Juicy)
Is the inside interior tan? Yep.
Is the hello pocket gold and embossed? Yep
Is the “J” heart emblem on the back raised thick leather? YEP
Is the heart mirror detachable? YEP
Does it say “Made in the Glamorous USA”? YEP! YEP!
Does the heart mirror tag say “ I am the fairest.” with a line under the “I”? YEP YEP YEP!

All signs pointed to yes as an explosion of excitement ran through my veins. The article was very helpful and even if my bag was not authentic, I would still love it! *insert image of girl hugging bag and petting it like a cat here* What’s even more exciting is that the bag, if you’re able to find it that is, originally retails for $178.00!

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