A Vintage Find With A Twist

I am a collector of recipes and cookbooks. I could sit for hours in a cozy chair thumbing through countless pages, absorbing every detail of technique and measurement while imagining the ingredient palate mixing together on my tongue.

Oh Solo Me-O. Pizza for One.

After carousing around in restaurants these past few days sampling food bursting with flavor, I was dreading piecing together the usual boring suspects housed within my refrigerator. I had a taste for something unusual but didn’t want to get carried away pulling out recipe books, searching like a lost sailor for the perfect one to […]

A Deliciously Juicy Find

While out carousing on one of my thrifting adventures, I happened upon a delicious find, a Juicy Couture Heritage Crest Scottie Satchel! Those of you who know me well, know that I have a passion for purses. It’s an addiction really and I’m sure if there was a group for purse-aholics anonymous, I’d be strongly […]