Peelings, Nothing More Than Peelings

It’s a known fact that I despise peeling things. In fact, I’d rather be shot out of a cannon (also not appealing) and land in a field of thickets than peel carrots, potatoes and parsnips.

I’m not really sure why I have an aversion to it. Maybe because it’s time consuming or maybe it’s because with the threat of every shred, there’s an opportunity for missing the item you’re peeling and nicking an appendage (which, I’ve done on more than one occasion…and don’t even get me started on box graters).


If I “have” to peel something, this is my go-to tool. A Hoffritz Platinum Series Vegetable Peeler. It has a rounded stainless steel handle, perfectly sized to fit the contours of your hand (unlike the bottomless triangle-shaped pointy ones with the scrunchy grater on them that you’ll find in your Mother’s kitchen). The double blade is nice and sharp with a pivoting head that pops back into place after having run the length of the vegetable. The blade is guarded by a black plastic horseshoe-shaped claw that helps protect the things you don’t want peeled while easily peeling the ones you do.

Care is super simple too, just give it a rinse and wipe dry with a paper towel. It’s stainless so it’s supposed to be dishwasher safe and rust free but why take the chance?

I’ve had this baby (and it’s two sisters) since 1995 and while there are newer versions out there, this one is truly the best. Unfortunately, they are incredibly hard to find both on the internet and in stores, so if you happen to spot one at a garage sale, snatch it up. You won’t regret it.

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