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Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse

Imagine yourself two stepping across the dance floor, boots tappin’ a tune on the concrete as you twirl your partner among the beams, brick and reclaimed barn wood. The smell of smoky BBQ fills the air, sending your salivating taste buds in the direction of an ice cold beer.

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If you’re a thrifter, antique geek or boutique freak, you gotta go to Sophie Joe’s. They have a little something for everyone and the fun is in the digging. The store is huge so be ready to spend some major time. The staff is incredibly helpful too. Prices range from peanuts to pounds depending on what you’re looking for. And, if you’re in the market for unique gifts, you’re bound to find them here.

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Oh Solo Me-O. Pizza for One.

After carousing around in restaurants these past few days sampling food bursting with flavor, I was dreading piecing together the usual boring suspects housed within my refrigerator.

I had a taste for something unusual but didn’t want to get carried away pulling out recipe books, searching like a lost sailor for the perfect one to please my palate, only to spend my evening slinging pots and pans and slaving over a hot stove (not to mention the clean up).

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A Deliciously Juicy Find

While out carousing on one of my thrifting adventures, I happened upon a delicious find, a Juicy Couture Heritage Crest Scottie Satchel! Those of you who know me well, know that I have a passion for purses. It’s an addiction really and I’m sure if there was a group for purse-aholics anonymous, I’d be strongly encouraged to join.

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potato pancakes sour cream

Move Over Apple Jacks

Saturday mornings traditionally call for cartoons with a side order of Apple Jacks, but every once in a while we get a hankerin’ for potato pancakes. While they’re not made of flour, sugar or eggs and topped with maple syrup, they are made from…that’s right baby, potatoes! (Can you ever really go wrong with potatoes?)

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